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We are currently only providing subscription based services for small handyman/to do list type jobs. We are offering our services in four hour time blocks. You create the honey do list. We show up at the same time every week. The cost will not fluctuate and that honey do list will be complete by the time we leave!

  • How it works:
    • You call/email/text, set up a meeting, we discuss your needs and preferred frequency.
    • We set up a shared task list through an app so that you can add tasks and see their progress 24/7.
    • We get you scheduled in our calendar and you will receive a notification from us the day before(or more if needed) reminding you of your appointment 
    • We show up, same day, same time, every week and complete your tasks!
    • The cost is $250 per visit and you can pay monthly or automate payments by putting a card on file. 
  • Why we do it this way.
    • We would like to streamline your home repairs and upkeep to make them as pain free as possible. With this program you will always know what day we show up, when we will show up, how much it will cost, what we’ll be working on when we get there, and that someone you can trust will be showing up to do the work.
  • Where can we work?
    • Your home, your garage, your second home, your parents home, your place of business. You name it, you already know the cost and time frame. 
  • What we are capable of.
    • Home. You name it, we can take care of it. Flooring, drywall, electrical, plumbing, garage doors, countertops, cabinets, furniture repair/assembly, roofing, lighting, windows/doors, appliance repair/installation, masonry, HVAC, gutter installation/cleaning, painting, subcontractor referral/scheduling/supervision, Christmas lights, tree pruning, and some light duty landscaping.
    • Vehicle. We can take your car for its state inspection. Newer cars can be taken to the dealer for warranty work. Routine maintenance can be performed at your home including oil changes, brakes, filters, tire pressure checks, accident repair, filling up on gas, general inspections, vacation prep, detailing, and tune ups. We also work on your classic cars as well!
    • Courier. Out of town or large purchase pick up. Package prep and mailing. Merchandise returns.